Survivors of Charn

Chapter 3: The Vulture's Feather (Part 1)
  • After your deaths, you returned to haunt the living members of the fruit-eaters.
  • Eventually it was just Jadis living. (sidenote: the royal family had already invested in significant life-extension).
  • When Jadis teleported off-plane, the connection broke and you found yourself trapped in the astral void with a distorted time-sense.
  • The Lion showed up and let you visit Aslan’s Country (first time he named himself) where he tried to tempt you into the side of lawful good.
  • The mandatory nature of it repulsed the group, some more than others.
  • Roxanda got you all kicked out by stabbing someone.
  • Tash, a rival knowledge spirit to the Emperor Across the Sea, traded you the secrets to our resurrection for an attempt to revive her avatar.
  • You were welcomed back and you rejoined the Empresses service, despite your more recent memories and skills fading.
  • Jadis gave you equipment and a fairly cryptic piece of advice from Tash.
  • After a few days, you left to go revive Tash’s avatar in Telmarine to the west.
  • You found a pyramid that looked as if it’d appeared on a Calormen colony.
  • The colony was deserted, and infested with wild animals and at least one werewolf that laughingly left you alone when you stated your purpose.
  • The entrance to the temple was full of treasure similar to that found in houses and discarded clothes.
  • You took the obvious actions to enter the temple, which turns out was what the cryptic advice was telling you to avoid.
  • You get scolded by an armed ghost.
Chapter 2: If we see further (part 3)
  • Focused on killing the Two-head and allying with the Flint Giants
  • You succeeded in both.
  • Meanwhile, the Hill Giants used the downtime to frame you for the murder of an Ash Giant.
  • The Ash and Hill Giants raided New Charn, killing many and ultimately forcing Jadis to surrender.
  • You all lived out the rest of your natural lives, leaving legacies of a tavern-empire, a monastery, legendary showmanship, and generations of demi-human monsters.
Chapter 2: If we see further (part 2)
  • Explored, wrote maps
  • juan had a weasel sidequest
  • Killed giant
  • rescued Elf
  • Nora punked giants on wild goose chase
  • rescued and recruited nobles
  • learned about barrier, couple weeks
Chapter 2: If we see further (part 1)
  • Upon returning from the Emperor’s plane, the party sees a vast expanding dome of light from the area where they had left Jadis and the lion.
  • They fly as far as their potions let them and then have to walk.
  • In their travels back to their queen the party observes three kinds of giants.
    • The Flint Giants are about 7-8 feet tall, reasonably intelligent, and have a hard time finding a place of their own.
    • The Ash Giants are about 15-17 feet tall, pretty dim looking, mostly naked, and seem to laze around fields of greatcumber without doing much.
    • The Hill Giants are about 10-11 feet tall, and seem to be the most civilized. They’ve already built some houses and paddocks, and have captured some livestock.
    • Two-Heads and One-Eyes were mentioned by some Flint Giants you intimidated as lone-wanderers that prey on Flint Giants, among others.
  • Reaching Jadis, you find that the children were charmed by Aslan and successfully retrieved fruit from the tree, which he used to grow a barrier-projecting plant which pushed her here.
  • The survival bunkers from Bramandin have ejected the refugees into this world, and Jadis has found several who are rebuilding a civilization in the foothills.
  • She congratulates you on your success, the party gives her the fruit. You all eat some, and she gives one to her new dwarf sidekick Ginarrbrik.
  • You are now all immortal. You will age as normal unless you can manage to slow the process, but as long as this plane exists, you will reincarnate somehow. The details on that are sketchy and may not be as easy as the spell. Jadis is working on it.
  • Jadis tells you of the prophecy that says after the barrier tree falls, the land will be vulnerable to conquest, but it will end when four human children sit on thrones at a place called Cair Paravel.
  • Jadis orders a celebration with a goat-meat barbeque, and says that it’s time to start uniting all the people beyond the barrier, giants included, to form an empire that will last the thousand years until the barrier falls.
Chapter 1: I am the Law! (Part 3)
  • Witnessed a lion singing with the stars and creating an extra large demi-plane.
  • Jadis identified the lion as an avatar of the Emperor Beyond the Sea; a powerful, legalistic knowledge spirit.
  • Jadis hijacked the process, rules-lawyering her way through some loopholes in the Emperor’s laws.
  • Jadis used wind-walk potions to send the party to loot and destroy the magic relay on the Emperor’s plane that was intruding into the current one.
  • The party succeeded beyond expectations and gathered many magic fruits from the relay (it was a tree).
  • The tree was not destroyed.
Chapter 1: I am the Law! (Part 2)
  • Left your ruined world
  • Fought guardian elemental in wooded hub dimension
  • Evan Krill died in the guardian’s explosion
  • Ended up in Polly and Diggory’s homeworld
  • A misunderstanding about blood and weapons escalated into a hasty retreat which swept up the childrens’s uncle and a passing cabbie.
  • Jadis picked a different pool and you ended up in a partially formed large demiplane that was in the process of being made.
Chapter 1: I am the Law!
Part 1
  • Found a destroyed world.
  • Most NPCs split off for greener pastures
  • Trekked towards capital
  • Fought a bunch of Shades
  • Met Jadis and interdimensional children.
  • Plan formed to find new dimension
  • Promoted to the Queen’s First Guard; The Left Hands
  • Awarded presents in lieu of traditional armor from scavenged supplies.


For Roxanda:

  • Potion of Teleportation (Potion, rare) When you drink this potion, for ten minutes, you gain the ability to teleport 30’ as an action.
  • Loadstone (Wondrous item, uncommon) Typically appearing as a piece of roughly polished agate or something similar, a loadstone automatically activates as soon as you are in a situation where you must move quickly to avoid an enemy or attacks, such as combat. Once it activates, it gives your flesh properties of stone, cutting your normal speed in half but giving you +4 to ac. After the threat passes, the rock crumbles to dust.
  • Spectacles of Arcane Investigation (Wondrous item, uncommon) These spectacles have 3 charges. While wearing them, you can
    spend 1 charge as an action to cast the detect magic spell from it. The spectacles regain 1d3 expended charges daily at dawn. In addition, you can use your action to utter a command word. If you do so while viewing a magical aura, for 10 minutes you will know the direction of the caster who created it.

For Juan

  • Potion of Wraithform (Potion, rare) When you drink this potion, for ten minutes, you can move through objects or other creatures as if they were difficult terrain, but if you end your turn in an object’s space, you take 1d10 force damage. While this effect persists, undead perceive you as a specter or wraith, and will often ignore you. An undead creature that grows suspicious can use its action to make a Wisdom (Insight) check opposed by your Charisma (Deception) check to discover the ruse.
  • ink of mistaken Missives (Wondrous item, uncommon) This magical ink is found in a small vial containing 6 uses. You can use an action to sprinkle the ink on a page of existing nonmagical writing, and the ink will slowly change the meaning of the existing writing, causing it to slowly move and
    reconfigure itself. After the ink is used, the writing will appear different every day as it slowly changes into its new, final state. The new writing is as legible as the old, and the handwriting is recognizably that of the original writer. On the first day, the words of the writing appear faint, as if the writer was running out of ink as he wrote. At the same time, the page has many small specks of ink on it. On the second day, the words have moved slightly from their original positions, as if the person writing the letter were shaking or in a moving carriage when the letter was written. On the third and fourth days, the writing appears to be gibberish. Although the ink forms groups of letters arranged in lines with punctuation, nearly all the words are meaningless. This may appear to be some sort of code, but it means nothing.On the fifth day, the ink has formed real words, but the sentence construction is meaningless (“Eggs west worse green”).On the sixth day and thereafter, the message iss coherent, but the opposite intent of the original message has been created. If the original writing read, “Send troops quickly,” the new version might say, “All is fine. Keep your men in reserve.”
  • Lesser Deadly Shortbow This weapon enhances the severity of critical hits that it delivers. A lesser deadly weapon adds +1d8 to the severity.

For Honoria

  • Oil of Fiery Burning (Potion, rare) If this oil is exposed to air for more than a moment, it will explode. You can use an action to hurl it up to 60’, and it will blow up in a 15’ radius sphere of flames. Each creature in the sphere must make a DC 15 Dexterity saving throw, suffering 6d8 fire damage on a failure and half that on a success.
  • Creeping Gatevine (Wondrous item, uncommon) This red flowering vine grows on the stones of magical gates and menhirs. You can expend it as an additional material component when casting a spell that allows you to teleport. If you do so, you can teleport twice the distance normally allowed by the spell.
  • Scroll of Divine Identification (Wondrous item, uncommon) If you use your action to pass this scroll before an altar or symbol of a religion, writing magically appears on the scroll, naming the deity, philosophy or force, its alignment and its portfolio. Traded for with Evan.
  • Found while looting: Spoon of Stirring (Wondrous item, rare) The proprietor must have had this hidden in a pocket dimensional safe or something similar. It still looks the worse for wear, but has enough magic for one more use. Appearing as a normal spoon, this magic item can be used to change the identity of a potion by stirring it as an action. If you do this, roll on the table below to see what kind of potion is produced. If there are multiple versions of a produced potion, the version produced will be of the same rarity as the originally stirred potion was, if possible.
D12 Roll Potion Produced
1 Clairvoyance
2 Climbing
3 Diminution
4 Fire breath
5 Gaseous form
6 Giant strength
7 Growth
8 Healing
9 Invisibility
10 Poison
11 Resistance
12 Water breathing

For Rourke

  • Bolt of Fire (Ammunition-bolt, rare) This magical crossbow bolt has a large, round, red head. When you fire it, if you hit, it explodes in a 10’ radius sphere of fire. A creature directly hit suffers 6d6 fire damage from the bolt; other creatures in the sphere must succeed at DC 13 Dexterity saves or suffer the same damage, taking half on a success.
  • Platinum Pouch (Wondrous item, uncommon) Normal gemstones and coins of any denomination placed into this pouch are converted to an equal value of platinum pieces. Coins or gems that cannot be evenly converted to platinum pieces are unaffected.
  • Gloves of Quick Manipulation (Wondrous item, uncommon, requires attunement) These magical gloves allow you to use an object for free one extra time per round.

For Evan

  • Loadstone (Wondrous item, uncommon) Typically appearing as a piece of roughly polished agate or something similar, a loadstone automatically activates as soon as you are in a situation where you must move quickly to avoid an enemy or attacks, such as combat. Once it activates, it gives your flesh properties of stone, cutting your normal speed in half but giving you +4 to ac. After the threat passes, the rock crumbles to dust.
  • Hookah of Reasoned Discourse (Wondrous item, rare) This magical smoking device is used in diplomacy and negotiation to help prevent tempers
    from running hot. It functions once per day. To use it, its bowl must be filled with some sort of smoking herb, such as tobacco or hempflower, and a group of up to six individuals must sit around it, smoking while they talk. For the duration of their discussion, to a maximum of four hours, the participants find that their emotions remain cool, and none of them grow angry as a result of the discussion. During the conversation, the participants have disadvantage on Charisma (Intimidation) checks, but gain advantage on Charisma (Persuasion) checks. If any of the participants takes damage, casts a spell or is forced to make a saving throw, the effects of the hookah end immediately for all of them.
  • Torc of Courage Torc of Courage (Wondrous item, uncommon, requires attunement by a barbarian, fighter, paladin or ranger) While you wear this bronze torc, you are immune to the frightened condition. Houseruling that class-specific items never consider NPC classes, so solider is close enough.
Ch: 0 The End
  • Interrupted smuggling operation
  • Re-assigned to milefort
  • Fought against zombies and plants
  • Sheltered in magical silence bunker

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