Survivors of Charn

Chapter 2: If we see further (part 1)

  • Upon returning from the Emperor’s plane, the party sees a vast expanding dome of light from the area where they had left Jadis and the lion.
  • They fly as far as their potions let them and then have to walk.
  • In their travels back to their queen the party observes three kinds of giants.
    • The Flint Giants are about 7-8 feet tall, reasonably intelligent, and have a hard time finding a place of their own.
    • The Ash Giants are about 15-17 feet tall, pretty dim looking, mostly naked, and seem to laze around fields of greatcumber without doing much.
    • The Hill Giants are about 10-11 feet tall, and seem to be the most civilized. They’ve already built some houses and paddocks, and have captured some livestock.
    • Two-Heads and One-Eyes were mentioned by some Flint Giants you intimidated as lone-wanderers that prey on Flint Giants, among others.
  • Reaching Jadis, you find that the children were charmed by Aslan and successfully retrieved fruit from the tree, which he used to grow a barrier-projecting plant which pushed her here.
  • The survival bunkers from Bramandin have ejected the refugees into this world, and Jadis has found several who are rebuilding a civilization in the foothills.
  • She congratulates you on your success, the party gives her the fruit. You all eat some, and she gives one to her new dwarf sidekick Ginarrbrik.
  • You are now all immortal. You will age as normal unless you can manage to slow the process, but as long as this plane exists, you will reincarnate somehow. The details on that are sketchy and may not be as easy as the spell. Jadis is working on it.
  • Jadis tells you of the prophecy that says after the barrier tree falls, the land will be vulnerable to conquest, but it will end when four human children sit on thrones at a place called Cair Paravel.
  • Jadis orders a celebration with a goat-meat barbeque, and says that it’s time to start uniting all the people beyond the barrier, giants included, to form an empire that will last the thousand years until the barrier falls.



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