Survivors of Charn

Chapter 3: The Vulture's Feather (Part 1)

  • After your deaths, you returned to haunt the living members of the fruit-eaters.
  • Eventually it was just Jadis living. (sidenote: the royal family had already invested in significant life-extension).
  • When Jadis teleported off-plane, the connection broke and you found yourself trapped in the astral void with a distorted time-sense.
  • The Lion showed up and let you visit Aslan’s Country (first time he named himself) where he tried to tempt you into the side of lawful good.
  • The mandatory nature of it repulsed the group, some more than others.
  • Roxanda got you all kicked out by stabbing someone.
  • Tash, a rival knowledge spirit to the Emperor Across the Sea, traded you the secrets to our resurrection for an attempt to revive her avatar.
  • You were welcomed back and you rejoined the Empresses service, despite your more recent memories and skills fading.
  • Jadis gave you equipment and a fairly cryptic piece of advice from Tash.
  • After a few days, you left to go revive Tash’s avatar in Telmarine to the west.
  • You found a pyramid that looked as if it’d appeared on a Calormen colony.
  • The colony was deserted, and infested with wild animals and at least one werewolf that laughingly left you alone when you stated your purpose.
  • The entrance to the temple was full of treasure similar to that found in houses and discarded clothes.
  • You took the obvious actions to enter the temple, which turns out was what the cryptic advice was telling you to avoid.
  • You get scolded by an armed ghost.



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