The world was called Bramandin. It was a land rich in magic and diversity. Among its earliest inhabitants were the Giants and Djinn. Their exploits in war and peace were legendary, but eventually they faded away, leaving behind a race of half-giant half-djinn.

Few in number but organized in dynastic clans, the three great half-giant cities of Sorlois, Felinda, and Charn projected their power across Bramandin. Their alliance was legendary, and stood the test of time. Many times, one of the three clans would be overthrown, only to be restored by the combined might of the other two. Eventually, people stopping contesting them, and there were a thousand years of, if not peace, at least stability in most of the world.

Towards the latter part of the Thousand Year Peace, it happened that King Rustal of Sorlois had three daughters; Jadis, Kerin, and Leris. Kerin was named heir of Sorlois. Jadis was betrothed to the heir of Charn. Leris was betrothed to the heir of Felinda.

The three sisters grew into different powers. Kerin became a spirit talker who sought the secrets of life and death. Leris became fascinated with the magics that permeated the world around her and gradually learned to become one with them. Jadis was more interested in the people in her domain and helped nurture Charn into a seat of innovation and trade.

What ended of the Thousand Year Peace is not clear. Conflicts began when Kerin demanded the other kingdoms outlaw the races of hags that she claimed were causing turmoil. Jadis and her husband refused, stating that regardless of what might be perceived as racial tendencies, until crimes were committed, all were welcome.

Jadis’s husband died under mysterious circumstances. A rumor campaign suggested Jadis poisoned him. Jadis put the blame on Kerin for trying to remove them both from power. Distrust built, and the sisters began to build armies and develop weapons.

Sorlois and Kerin were more powerful than Charn and Jadis, but Kerin had been hesitant to make an aggressive move in case Leris allied with Jadis. Then something changed and Kerin committed her forces to an all-out assault. Kerin unleashed hordes of undead, plagues that killed, and clouds of spores that corrupted and controlled. Believing these weapons risked spinning out of control, Leris did indeed enter the war on the side of Jadis, but found herself unable to make headway against the onslaught herself, and found her own city in peril.

The campaign begins as the armies of Sorlois arrive at the fortresses that ring the city of Charn.


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