Character Creation

Mechanical stuff is at the bottom, but this bit is important. Have a couple character ideas when you come to the first session. We’re going to hash them out and talk about them to make sure they’re a good fit. Unless the dice hate you and they die almost immediately, they’ll probably last quite a while. While not impossible to add or change characters, it will be smoother if we can keep the same group rolling.

The golden rule is to make a character that’s fun both for you and for the rest of the party. One that works as a team, fits the campaign, and that you want to play for a while. So really, if the next bit seems like it puts too much pressure, don’t sweat it. It’s just a longer version of this.

Character guidelines. Whatever culture, personality, and quirks you create for your character, they should be:

  • Pro-Social: Characters have to have the ability and inclination to function well in a group setting. At a minimum, they have to be able to co-operate, respect differences, compromise, and acknowledge social roles within the party. You’re a team, there are no lone wolves.
  • Functional: The campaign will involve combat, exploration, conversations with friendly, neutral, and enemy parties. It will involve evaluating situations and making decisions. Your character has to be functional enough to handle that. They can’t have any extremist ideology, delusional worldviews, major mental illness, debilitating trauma, isolating eccentricities, or similar barriers that prevent them from dealing with the world as it is.
  • Loyal: We aren’t doing alignments in this campaign. But whatever kind of person you are, whatever your ultimate goals, they include respect/loyalty for the leader that fought against the zombie apocalypse and respect/loyalty for the people who fought alongside you.
  • Engaging: Your character should have the potential to stay interesting for a while. Having a schtick is fine, but you (and the party) will get bored with it unless it also has some elements that allow it to grow as a character: who was it, who is it, who does it want to be? When we make characters, everyone will know what everyone else is aiming for with their character, and on a meta-level we can play off each-other to help each-other hit those targets. I’ve got a pdf full of tables I’ll make available if anyone needs to seed some background elements.

You have a lot of freedom to play with in creating your character. The world around Charn (in this campaign its called Bramandin) was largely undescribed in the source books. All of the races from the Player’s Handbook and the Elemental Evil Player’s Companion are possible. Any of the classes are possible (with tweaks for clerics/warlocks), and you can either create a new society and culture that you come from, or take it just as described in the book. If there’s a race you really want that isn’t in the book, we can fudge something. If there’s something in an Unearthed Arcana you’d like to use, we can look at it. No promises there, some of that stuff is wonky.

Typical Point Buy.

Level 1

Custom backgrounds allowed.

Feats will be allowed.

No variant humans.

Clerics and Warlocks both worship patron spirits of different varieties. These spirits aren’t going to be a driving plot force, but they could provide character motivation and flavor. The exact nature of the spirits is unknown and debatable, but here’s what’s known:

Clerical spirits are personal, and form a bridge between the cleric and a given domain that the cleric meditates upon over the course of a lifetime. They’re seen as tiny gods, powerful but limited in scope to empowering a follower. Clerics are treated as shamans and wise people. Spirits have a personality, but it’s muted amid the connection to the greater reality it connects the cleric to. Being a part of the cleric, it travels out of the old world via that connection.

Warlock spirits are spirits that have gone rogue. The patrons are considered to be former domain focused spirits: fey=trickery, great old one=knowledge, fiend=light. But instead of forming a direct connection between a mortal and a greater reality, they’ve nestled themselves comfortably in pocket demiplanes and cut a service-for-power deal with mortals who have sufficient force of personality to get their attention. Being extra-planar, they weren’t destroyed with the world. Rogue spirits occupy a cultural space kind of like genies do IRL. You might find one that grants your wishes as you imagine, or one that tricks you into a much worse deal than you expected.

Character Creation

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