Meta Rewards

I’m open to player suggestions for both earning and spending bennies.. XP rewards don’t fit, and plot twist rewards could be too disruptive for this campaign. For right now, here’s your meta-reward list:

Earn a point by:

  • Writing an adventure log entry that covers the main events and important details of the session.
  • Writing a character journal with enough meat to put it in the same ballpark as the Adventure Log.

Spend a point on:

  • Instant Inspiration: Gain Inspiration
  • Bonus Relic: Use when looting or searching hidden areas to find a level-appropriate one-use magic item determined either randomly or by the GM’s mood that session.
  • Gut Check: Ask the GM one of the following questions. What is the worst choice? What do I stand to lose here? What’s the safest choice? Am I chasing a worthless lead? (yes, I stole this from the NWoD common sense merit)

These are use-it-or-lose it. They disappear at the end of the session. So don’t hoard ’em, spend ’em.

Meta Rewards

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