Leveling up

We are doing milestone leveling. At various points in the story, you level up as a group. If you want to plan your character development (as I sometimes do as a player), here’s a tentative projection of where you’ll be at the beginning of each chapter. This is subject to change; depending on how the story goes certain chapters may get skipped entirely and the chart redone. Chapters are expected to be 2-3 sessions, but may run long. Expect the chapters where you go up more levels to be longer or more difficult.

Chapter Starting Level Title
Ch 0 1 The End
Ch 1 3 I am the Law!
Ch 2 4 If We See Further
Ch 3 5 The Vulture’s Feather
Ch 4 6 The Other Kind of Elf
Ch 5 8 A Brief Invasion
Ch 6 10 The Lion, the Witch, and the Demon Prince
Ch 7 13 Now what?
Ch 8 15 Those aren’t Telmarines
Ch 9 17 That mist wasn’t canon!
Ch 10 18 Mother of all callbacks
Ch 11 20 For all the marbles

You may be given sidequests or goals at the beginning of the chapter. If you accomplish the goal before the last session of the chapter, you gain one of the levels for the next chapter a little early. This will be more common in, if not exclusive to, the chapters with a 2 level bump at the end.

Chapter titles completely subject to change as you change where the story goes.

Leveling up

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